SheATL 2023
Rathskeller headed to SheATL – August 2023

Rathskeller Musical is headed to She ATL Arts Festival this August!

6 months ago, Brianna Kothari Barnes began working on a new script for Rathskeller: A Musical Elixir with Dame Productions and writing some new songs! After completing the new first draft, we submitted to SheATL and are thrilled they chose to feature it in their lineup this year!

If you live in Atlanta, give a shout! We will be hiring local Atlanta talent and inviting local Atlanta audiences!!! So grateful for this opportunity and to SheNYC Arts Organization for supporting new and underrepresented writers! Not only do they provide an amazing space at Theatrical Outfit in Downtown Atlanta, but they also offer us dramaturgical support to make our scripts the best they can be. How cool is that!?

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New Musical, Walking With Bubbles, Opens Off-Broadway!

Dame Productions is proud to be one of the investors in the female-driven new musical “Walking With Bubbles”. Opening March 31st, 2023 at the AMT Theater in NYC, Walking With Bubbles is the culmination of years of work by broadway alum Jessica Hendy (Book), ) Briana Kothari Barnes (Composer/Lyricist), and Richard Hess (Director).

As Jessica, a Broadway actress, and single mother, and her son ‘Bubbles’ anxiously wait for their playdate in Central Park they are approached by a homeless man.  This is their very true story.  Jessica Hendy’s intimate first-person narrative invites audiences into her seemingly perfect New York City life from center stage on Broadway into the depths of a volatile mental illness.  Walking With Bubbles explores how far a mother will go to protect her son, her loved ones, and ultimately herself.

For tickets and more information, visit

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Our first New Works endeavor is moving full steam ahead! This original musical is set to take the stage this September in NYC and we could not be more excited. A little bit about the musical:

Welcome to Rathskeller, the last dive bar you’ll ever visit. Some drinks make you forget, ours make you remember. We’ve got a barstool saved just for you. Tonight, like every other night, we have an honored guest and a story to tell. Join us for a dark, folk-rock fable about love, hurt, and the painkillers we choose. Our handy bar staff will make sure you’re comfortable and that your glass stays full until it’s time to pay your tab. What happens after that is up to you. Are you the forgiving type, or do you prefer to be judge, jury, and executioner? We offer you the chance to find out. So join us, and roll the dice. What’s the worst that could happen?

Follow this musical’s journey & join us in September when we present this new work to the world! Visit the show’s website HERE!

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New Works Program Announcement

Creating new works is a talent that is both rare and difficult. Creating new musicals and finding a way to fund them can feel nearly impossible – especially for women and BIPOC artists. Throughout this pandemic, we have pondered what and how to help the arts community that has been so shattered by this difficult time and by a feeling of helplessness that launching new works and the process it requires may be fruitless for years to come. In our late night conversations and FaceTime get togethers, we decided that perhaps the best way to help would be to support these artists as they create new musicals so we have launched our New Works Program.

Using a concept that our very near and dear family member Chris has had rattling around in his brain for well over a decade, we have commissioned a wonderful team to bring this concept to life and help it advance through the development process. Once complete, we hope to help others do the same.

We can’t wait to share more about this upcoming venture and watch as this new and exciting venture grows.

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