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SheATL 2023
Rathskeller headed to SheATL – August 2023

Rathskeller Musical is headed to She ATL Arts Festival this August!

6 months ago, Brianna Kothari Barnes began working on a new script for Rathskeller: A Musical Elixir with Dame Productions and writing some new songs! After completing the new first draft, we submitted to SheATL and are thrilled they chose to feature it in their lineup this year!

If you live in Atlanta, give a shout! We will be hiring local Atlanta talent and inviting local Atlanta audiences!!! So grateful for this opportunity and to SheNYC Arts Organization for supporting new and underrepresented writers! Not only do they provide an amazing space at Theatrical Outfit in Downtown Atlanta, but they also offer us dramaturgical support to make our scripts the best they can be. How cool is that!?

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