New Works Program Announcement

Creating new works is a talent that is both rare and difficult. Creating new musicals and finding a way to fund them can feel nearly impossible – especially for women and BIPOC artists. Throughout this pandemic, we have pondered what and how to help the arts community that has been so shattered by this difficult time and by a feeling of helplessness that launching new works and the process it requires may be fruitless for years to come. In our late night conversations and FaceTime get togethers, we decided that perhaps the best way to help would be to support these artists as they create new musicals so we have launched our New Works Program.

Using a concept that our very near and dear family member Chris has had rattling around in his brain for well over a decade, we have commissioned a wonderful team to bring this concept to life and help it advance through the development process. Once complete, we hope to help others do the same.

We can’t wait to share more about this upcoming venture and watch as this new and exciting venture grows.

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